There is little doubt that as one of the top athletes in your sport you have already met a sports agent, known of somebody whom is represented by a sports agent, or have formed your opinion of sports agents based upon the movies or television.  Agents are portrayed as smooth talking, bright smiling, Mercedes Benz driving people trying to take you to lunch.

But where is the substance behind all the flash and the smooth talk? The fact of the matter is, in too many cases, there is no substance. For example, to become a certified agent by the National Football League Player’s Association one only need to complete an application, pay a fee and pass a written test. In other sports the test section is completely omitted. So what do you really need in an agent?

The answer to the above question is OTSM. Unlike the vast majority of agents who have never themselves put on a helmet, laced up their cleats, taken a swing with two outs in the bottom of the ninth or competed against the world’s best athletes, Jim Miller has. As a multi sport varsity letter winner in high school to a nationally ranked collegiate track and field athlete at San Diego State University Jim Miller not only represents athletes but is an athlete.  Only another athlete knows the sacrifices, the pressures and the stress to be among the elite. Only an athlete who has overcome serious injury to compete again can look into the eyes of another athlete and know what drives him or her to compete. When you are deciding who will represent you, the professional athlete, there should be no doubt in your mind that it should be one of your own.

What other credentials are essential in a sports agent to fully represent the needs of today’s professional athlete? The agent must have an understanding of business, finance, the law and specifically contracts. Not only does OTSM’s Jim Miller possess a bachelor of science degree in Finance Real Estate from San Diego State University but he also possesses a Juris Doctorate degree in law from Thomas Jefferson School of Law. However, degrees are meaningless without actual practical application and experience. Jim used his finance degree while working through law school with one of the nation’s largest financial institutions, Wells Fargo Bank. In addition to OTSM Jim maintains an active civil trial practice with substantial experience in contract negotiation, contract litigation, civil litigation, trust and estate trust planning and criminal litigation. The professional athletes represented by OTSM benefit by not only having an agent, but an agent who is an active lawyer licensed to practice in all of the courts of the State of California and is a member of some of the most prestigious organizations in America including the Sports Lawyers Association, American Bar Association and the Association of Trial Lawyers of America.

Today’s professional athlete can hire an agent and can hire a lawyer, but seldom does that person have expertise and ability in both areas. In almost all circumstances this person is not, nor has ever been, an athlete who can truly understand the needs, hopes and desires of today’s athlete.


OTSM is the unmatched leader in the use of technology and the promotion of its clients. While other sports agents and agencies are busy marketing themselves through advertisements and their web sites, OTSM is actively marketing you! When a coach or player personnel director is looking for information on you and that information is available with a few clicks of the mouse it is easy to see the OTSM advantage. OTSM was the first sports agency to provide streaming highlight and workout video of its clients on the internet. The client’s biographical data, statistics as well as film makes for an instantaneous evaluation by the teams, coaches and scouts. At OTSM we promote the athlete, not the agency.

It does not matter whether you are a candidate for the highest awards in your sport (Heisman Trophy, Wooden Award, etc.) every team, coach and scout will have a different opinion of your talent, athleticism and ability. Only through continuous and repeated marketing of your abilities will the opinion most favorable to you be achieved.  Other agents and agencies do not go to this extreme for their players often relying on name recognition of the player only. It is for this reason that every year, in every draft, athletes drop well below their draft projection.  Complacency is rampant in the sports agent business once a client signs, but not at OTSM.



OTSM is a full service sports agency. All aspects of representation are covered from contract negotiations and legal services to training and post career consultation. OTSM does not invest money on behalf of its clients nor does OTSM recommend investments on behalf of its clients. It is the belief at OTSM, that unlike several other agencies, it is a conflict of interest for an agent to advise a client on particular investments or to transact those investments on behalf of the client based upon the collection of fees for that work. A number of agents have been suspended, prosecuted and imprisoned for just this type of fraudulent behavior.

OTSM believes that financial planning and investments should be handled by professionals at major investment and stock brokerage firms in the United States. To this end, OTSM has working relationships, by referral only, to leaders in the finance industry. OTSM will work diligently with any financial advisor or group with which the athlete has a preference. Investment opportunities presented to OTSM clients are routinely reviewed as to their legal terms and conditions. In this manner OTSM clients receive the benefit of both financial and legal expertise about the risk of improper behavior and conflicts of interest which run rampant in professional sports.


At OTSM we believe that what the agent knows the athlete needs to know. The relationship between OTSM and its clients is that of a team and family. In short, the decisions as to your career are to be made together and those decisions must be based upon all the information available.

At OTSM we are available 24 hours a day. Whether it be through e- mail, office phone, cellular phone or text your communications are received and returned immediately.  The number one complaint routinely heard in locker rooms around the country are that the player’s agent does not return calls or communicate on a regular basis with the client. OTSM prides itself on the development of personal relationships with its clients that last well after the client’s playing days are over.

It is amazing how frequently sports agencies and individual agents keep in touch with players they have just signed or for whom they have just negotiated a contract. Those communications often deteriorate and disappear once that player is released and is no longer providing income to those sport agencies or agents. OTSM has never abandoned, and will never abandon, any client whom has been released by his team or become injured and unable to participate.


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The decision is yours to make. If you want a professional, experienced and dedicated agency

the clear choice is OTSM. We look forward to meeting with you and your family.

California disclosure pursuant to Business and Professions Code 18896.6 This athlete agent has current public disclosure information on file with the California Secretary of State as required by the Miller-Ayala Athlete Agents Act, Chapter 2.5 (commencing with Section 18895) of Division VIII of the Business and Professions Code, which also includes other protections for athletes.

Filing of the required information does not imply approval by the California Secretary of State of the competence of the athlete agent.

The above information can be found by logging on to the California Secretary of State website at www.ss.ca.gov. Additional information about OTSM and Jim Miller can be found by  contacting the NFL Player’s Association at (800) 372-2000.

Game Plan

Every sport requires proper training, coaching, conditioning and nutrition. Whether this training is necessary for the NFL Combine, individual workouts, or to better prepare you for your next professional season, OTSM works with only the best trainers in the country. Remember, with Jim Miller’s own experience and watchful eye he remains one of the few agents who can actually discuss appropriate training and nutrition with your trainer and understand your progress, set backs, and victories in training. Whenever possible, OTSM would encourage you to train with its preferred trainers in San Diego, California. With one of the best climates in the world and facilities that are second to none athletes from around the world flock to San Diego year round to train and prepare for their upcoming seasons.



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